Income and Education

Figure 49 indicates that education pays as education attainment has a significant impact on the median personal income of First Nations in Alberta. The median personal income quickly rises with educational attainment.

Figure 49 highlights a few key points:

  • High school completion has an impact on one’s income––the median income increases by 50 per cent for those who have completed high school in comparison with those who have not.
  • Over a lifetime of earning, the difference in income between those who have not completed high school and those who have graduated university could exceed $750,000 for First Nations.
  • Differences in incomes between First Nations and non-Aboriginal individuals. Further work is required in order to better understand those differences, but it is suspected that in some cases, (e.g., trades and post-secondary education) it could possibly be linked to area of specialization and/or geography.
Figure 49: Median Personal Income by Highest Level of Education Completed for Alberta (2006)