Employment and Education

Figure 61: Employment Rate for 15-64 Years Old Population by Educational Certification and Identity, Alberta (2006)

Figure 61 demonstrates the close relationships between employment rate and education:

  • The employment rate rises significantly with higher levels of education.
  • With an increasing level of education, differences in employment rate diminish between First Nations and non-Aboriginal peoples.
  • For individuals with post-secondary education, the employment rates are virtually identical.

Figure 61 also clearly shows the importance of completing high school. In Alberta, the employment rate for First Nations in 2006 was 52.2 per cent of all individuals between the ages of 15 and 64. Figure 61 shows that it is much higher for First Nations who have completed high school or better (65.1 per cent), reaching 78.1 per cent for First Nations who graduated from university. The employment rate for First Nations who have not completed high school is much lower at 36.1 per cent.