Labour Force: A National Perspective

The previous sections examined the labour force activity for First Nations in Alberta comparing the rates between First Nations and non-Aboriginal populations as well as between First Nations communities. Figure 60 examines the data from a national perspective for First Nations, providing data for Canada and all the provinces. In comparing educational attainment among provinces, First Nations in Alberta fared rather poorly in comparison with many of their counterparts. Figure 60 shows that when it comes to labour force activity, First Nations in Alberta are among the leaders in the country. This may partly be explained by the robust Alberta economy in 2006.

Figure 60: Labour Force Activity for First Nations (2006)

Overall labour force activity results for First Nations in Alberta are better than for other First Nations in Canada but lower than their non-Aboriginal counterparts.
Education is a great equalizer, as the employment rate of First Nations and non-Aboriginal individuals are quite similar for anyone who has completed high school or post-secondary education.