Unemployment Rate

Figure 56: Unemployment Rate in Alberta and Canada Population 15 - 64 years of age (2006)

While there is a gap in terms of labour force participation between First Nations and non-Aboriginal people, a more significant gap exists when examining unemployment rates. The unemployment rate represents the proportion of people between the ages of 15 and 64 who are actively looking for work or have been laid-off but expect to be called back to work as a percentage of the labour force. Figure 56 compares the unemployment rates of First Nations and non-Aboriginals living in Alberta and Canada, and highlights two key findings:

  • First Nations unemployment rate is significantly higher than the non-Aboriginal population
  • Unemployment rates are lower in Alberta than in Canada.

As with the participation rate, unemployment rates also vary between communities. Figure 57 shows that they range from around 15 per cent in three communities within Tribal Chiefs Ventures (Goodfish Lake, Frog Lake and Cold Lake) to 51.7 per cent in Eden Valley.

Figure 57 : Unemployment Rate in First Nations Communities in Alberta (2006)