Social Factors

As health is influenced by a variety of factors in the social environment, this section examines a few social factors that may contribute to the wellness of individuals and their communities, namely:

  • Family composition
  • Young parenthood
  • Children in care

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  • Family Composition

    The family composition for children living in Alberta is vastly different for First Nations and non-Aboriginal children as illustrated in Figure 29. While slightly over half of First Nations children live in a two-parent household, well over 80 per cent of non-Aboriginal children do. In both cases, the reference to ... View Full Story »

    Family Composition in Alberta (2006)
  • Young Parenthood

    This section provides information on young parenthood and age of mothers at live birth. Figure 33 shows much to the non-Aboriginal population in Alberta. The differences are significant as young First Nations women (24 per cent) are three times more likely to be mothers between the ages of 15 and ... View Full Story »

    Percentage of Young Parents aged 15 - 24 in Alberta (2006)
  • Children in Care

    Nationally, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) states that since 1998/1999, approximately five to six per cent of First Nations children are formally in care32. Figure 36 provides the information for First Nations Children & Family Services Authority in Alberta. Annually, there is an average of 1,800 First Nations ... View Full Story »

    Children in child & family care by First Nation CFS Authority (2006-2007)