Self Rated Health Status

Self-rated health status is a commonly used question in population health surveys. Figure 17 indicates that over 60 per cent of Albertans and Canadians ranked their health as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, which is much higher than the rate of 40 per cent for on-reserve First Nations in Canada.

Figure 18 looks at the relationship between self-rated health status and income. These data are from a national survey and is not First Nations-specific. It clearly demonstrates that:

  • A higher proportion of Aboriginal people rate their health as ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ than non-Aboriginal people at all income levels.
  • The proportion of people reporting their health as fair or poor decreases with increasing income levels.

It is possible that the difference in self-rated health status identified in Figure 17 could be linked to differences in income levels.

Figure 17: Self-Rated Health Status for First Nations (2003) and Albertans / Canadians (2000-2001)
Figure 18: Percentage of those Reporting Fair or Poor Health by Household Income and Off-Reserve Aboriginal Status, Canada (2000-2001)